Thursday, June 14, 2018

Time Flies!

Goodness, it's hard to believe how fast time flies. One minute you're trying to update your blog and the next, you're years behind.

I'm blaming it on the editing!!

For the longest time, I've been building a better Brian Bunn Films. It takes a locomotive to keep your personal and business life balanced, PLUS stay on top of all the editing it takes to create a wedding film. 

While I've made leaps and bounds on branding, site maintenance and keeping up with social media...I still have a ways to go. I'm on this train by myself so it takes me a tad longer to get things done.

That being said... hold on tight for some new updates on a fresh new blog, site logo and all around Brian Bunn Films.

Until then, it's an honor to celebrate with you and your family! 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Laboratory Mill // Caroline + Braxton

In 2014, we had the awesome pleasure of filming several weddings at The Laboratory Mill! There are many, many reasons why we love that place so much! Super fantastic people that run the place (can't say that enough) the old "Mill" feel, and just the way the light pours into the windows... ahhh that light is just delicious!

Oh and once more thing about the fabulous people that run the place... well lets just say they take care of the vendors! Lemme tell ya, that sure goes a long ways when we've been filming all day.

To kick off this series of Laboratory Mill weddings, let me introduce you to Caroline & Braxton!
A down to earth, sweet and adorable couple!

Check out some of this delicious light from a few movie stills.

And of course, my favorite... the first dance as husband and wife.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Idris + Shawyntee // The Biltmore Estate Wedding

I remember the day like it was yesterday! Idris called to ask of my availability for a June 8th wedding at the Biltmore Estate in beautiful Asheville NC! Obviously, I was excited since this would be my first wedding at the Biltmore. When you love what you do as much as I do, filming at a venue with a never-ending beautiful backdrop will always top the list on your favorite places to shoot a wedding. Add a gorgeous couple that treats you like family and there you go! Instant awesome sauce!!!

It all came together perfectly! I'd been in touch with Idris several times before their wedding to discuss their schedule to make sure I had everything in order!  I was to the moon excited! And slightly nervous too! Not anything wedding related but more so nervous with the Biltmore being a huge tourist attraction!

For me... I love meeting with each and every couple so they'll know that I lreally like to make every wedding movie very personal. So I arranged myself a hotel and went up for the rehearsal so I could meet this fabulous couple!

As soon as everyone began to arrive I was greeted to great big ole hugs! Talk about making me melt! Gah! I was on cloud 9!!!

The next day... I was so fired up to capture as much as possible about the Biltmore and everything else pertaining to their wedding... I just had to take a minute every now and then to stop and take in the moment. I'm a big bucket list kinda person. From big things to small crazy things and filming at the Biltmore was one of them!

I can't even put into words how to describe the whole day. After the ceremony,  which was in the walled gardens, the photographers and myself walked up to the house for some photos and video. And oh sweet mercy... we had the place all to ourselves. It was so majestic!

I must say, Idris & Shawyntee... you guys are AMAZING! I'm so thankful that you chose Brian Bunn Films to capture your most special day! It was with great honor!!!

Check out their highlight trailer! When Idris saw his bride for the first time, it was probably one of the most powerful moments of the day! Just watch...  you'll see!!!


Friday, January 24, 2014

Brakefield at Riverwalk Wedding :: Maggie + Jeff

I think we laughed more than anything but who says you can't laugh and have a good time at your wedding! Holy smokies what a day. As soon as I arrived at the hotel for the make up session, I could tell we were going to be laughing a lot! 

My buddy ole pals Dianne and Todd Personett were working their magic and we were able to knock out nearly every photo Jeff and Maggie wanted before their ceremony. Even did a first look. We were rolling like 18 wheelers! 

I'm so grateful to Jeff and Maggie for trusting in Brian Bunn Films to film their gorgeous and fun filled wedding! 

Duke Mansion Wedding :: Whitney + Mike

There were so many great things that happened at Whitney and Mikes wedding that I'd have to stop and start making a bullet list. Which is another reason I love to grab a few of these movie stills so you'll see the beauty instead of reading about it.

The whole day was full of emotion! Whitney and Mike wrote their own vows and I really don't think there was a dry eye to be found! Also, Whitney's grandmother was not able to make the wedding, and as a personal request, we all decided to get together right before their reception introductions and give a quick "wish you were here" and "we love you" surprise shout out to her grandmother, who would be getting a DVD all to herself.

It was one of the greatest things ever, let me tell ya! To Whitney and Mike, I'm beyond grateful you trusted in Brian Bunn Films for your wedding movie!

Raffaldini Vineyards :: Susan + Josh

Talk about being honored to be a part of a wedding day! Got the call on Wednesday for a wedding on Friday. Oh yeah... Friday 2 days later.

On a more funny note, I think I expected Susan to be in a little bit of shock from last minute vendor reservations but everything was all cool. I don't mind last minute decisions at all. I believe every couple should have video of their wedding day.

It was not the typical all day style of wedding but it was every bit of beautiful! We arrived and shot everything from beginning to end! Susan and Josh had a real cozy wedding at the gorgeous Raffaldini Vineyards and had the most awesome Melissa Lynn Hunt as their photographer!

I am so very proud to have been a part of this wedding and thankful that Susan and Josh put their trust in Brian Bunn Films to capture their day.

Check out a few freeze frames from their wedding movie!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Little Church on the Lane :: Bentleys on 27th Wedding :: Megan + Terry

I find it quite awesome when the mother of a bride calls and says she wants a videographer for her daughters wedding.. AND it's a surprise! After Megan was surprised with the news, we scheduled another meeting to go over all the details.

During every consultation, I get really excited to hear all the details of the wedding! For Megan & Terry, it was Little Church on the Lane for the Ceremony and then off to Bentely's on 27th for the reception.

Once the introductions began, Megan and Terry pulled out some suave dance moves as they entered the dance floor. At the end of the night, we all went down onto the streets to send them off with some sparklers and then slipped into a yellow taxi cab... and off they went!

To Megan and Terry... thank you so much for investing in Brian Bunn Films for your wedding! You now have the best way to celebrate your greatest memories!

Enjoy a few freeze frames from their movie :)))

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Surprise Proposal - The Ivy Place :: Dixie + Matt

I really don't know much detail on this except that it was going to be a big surprise! Matt had been in contact with Julie of Old South Studios to capture the magic and she decided to throw a double surprise in the mix and have it filmed. I hid 2 of my cameras and hand held the other in the bushes at the gorgeous Ivy Place.

It was a magical night indeed. Matt had all of his parents and her parents already there waiting. How on earth can you top that! Way to go Matt!

Oh, and by the way... she said yes!

Thank you to Julie for trusting in Brian Bunn Films to capture this amazing surprise proposal.

Have a peak at the video.

The Ballantyne Hotel Wedding :: Jamie + AJ - 2.23.13

There is no other better way to kick off this years first wedding for Brian Bunn Films than to have a couple like Jamie and AJ!

I was even told to do anything I wanted, or try out some new equipment if I needed. What that pretty much means is that a couple is all for you getting some spiffy shots of them, even if it means trying out some new shooting techniques. Now how often do you ever get something like that said to you for a wedding?

Everything took place at the fabulous Ballantyne Hotel on February 23rd. I was cold and rainy outside but nice and cozy on the inside.

Enjoy a few freeze frames from their movie!

The lovely Ballantyne Hotel.

Jamie's father escorting her down the aisle. 

The kiss.

Promo videos :: Old South Studios :: Julie Staley :: Part 2

If any body knows Julie Staley at all, then you probably already know how much effort she puts into family photography sessions. I'm not kidding... she whipped out a book as thick as 2 sears catalogs put together with all kinds of cool things to check out.

I'm talking complete new wardrobes, colors, fibers, brand names... the list goes on forever. I'm sure the look on my face was hilarious but it really was a moment of... you seriously do all of this for families?!?

I was definitely blown away. Then it's artistically designed just for their wall.

For this portion of the video, we had some fun with acting to make sure the setting was just right for the video.

Once again Julie, I'm so proud that you trusted Brian Bunn Films for the portrait section of Old South Studios.

Take a look at this video.

Promo video :: Old South Studios :: Julie Staley :: Part 1

You know... I love meeting friendly people with goals and dreams! Getting to know those people on a more personal level is even better. There is just something about that dream driven person that really sends good vibes everywhere they go. 

With that being said, when Julie Staley first asked me to film a promo video for Old South Studios, I was without a doubt, all aboard!

We discussed a lot of things and got all of our ducks in a row so that when the time came to go out and shoot, that's exactly what we did. We didn't monkey around a bit! 

Instead of just showing up on site one day to shoot Julie in action, it was more of a journey. We shot at several locations over a 6 month period and during those shoots, we had the best of times.

Julie really wasn't interested in talking about how much she loved photography, but more of how she is invested into every single couple that comes across her path. To put it plain and simple, she wanted to speak from her heart about what and how she visions her couples.

For me it was an amazing journey as well. It was like going out, gathering firewood to stack up for winter. Once the final piece was filmed, it was time to gather all the footage and start to mold and shape together.

I am beyond proud that Julie trusted in Brian Bunn Films to capture the story of Old South Studios.

Check out her promo video!

Coddle Creek ARP Wedding :: Charles Mack Citizen Center Reception :: Amanda + Kris

Back in the years of 2004 - 2006, I use to rent an old farm house from a good friend in the Concord, NC Area. When I needed to go to Mooresville, I'd always drive down some back roads to get there. On those backs roads I always passed this very scenic looking church on a hill with huge trees out in front. I always thought it was such a beautiful church.
The scenic cozy Coddle Creek church

Nowadays, I live in Matthews and there is no reason to take those back roads when it's a straight shot down 77. While on my way to Kris and Amanda's wedding, I had no idea the wedding was at this church that I loved to see for all those times of driving down those back roads.

I lit up like a christmas tree when I pulled in!!! The inside of this church felt just as warm and cozy as it looked on the outside.

After the ceremony, the wedding guest loaded up and headed down the road to the Charles Mack Center  for the reception. From there, we rocked the house with Charlotte DJ and Events along with Chris Lane Band.

What a night!!! Kris and Amanda made me feel like I was part of their guest instead of one the vendors. I had so much fun that I actually didn't want it to end!

On the way home, the only thing I could do is reflect on what an amazing year it had been. Their wedding was the end to my 2012 year for Brian Bunn Films, and to rock it out at their wedding was the perfect way to sign off for the year.

To Amanda and Kris... I am so honored that you guys chose Brian Bunn Films to capture your special day!!!

Enjoy a few freeze frames from their wedding movie.

Is this a gorgeous couple or what...

The reception was absolutely stunning!

I'll never get tired of entrances like this!